Building Green with Energy Efficiency

Building energy-efficient, new construction homes in Illinois affords us a worthwhile opportunity to simultaneously help our clients and the environment. Our homes represent an intelligent eco-friendly return on your investment, time, and energy that you can take pride in.

The Right Experience

Oakley Home Builders has certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) professionals on staff to ensure we understand the most current green building principles and practices, associated with all the various design and construction phases. In addition, we hire Independent Energy Consultants with energy modeling software to calculate the most efficient heating-cooling loads and duct layouts for our homes.

The Right Products

As stewards of green building standards, we have chosen to incorporate a variety of environmentally friendly products and materials that are designed to enhance the energy savings for our clients. We have a developed this green platform to empower our clients to make eco-smart decisions without compromising quality or performance. Among the various eco-smart products and materials you will find throughout our homes include:


  • High-performance Windows, Doors & Insulation: that maintains temperature control and reduces energy consumption.
  • Energy Star Rated Appliances & High-Efficiency HVAC Units: that use less energy and natural resources while keeping your life balanced and comfortable.
  • High Quality Low-Maintenance & Recycled Products: that include engineered wood, composite decking, trim and roofing materials.
  • Low-Flow Toilets & Water-Saving Faucet/Showerhead Options:that can reduce water consumption by more than 60%.
  • Locally Sourced Sustainable Hardwood Flooring Options: that are manufactured in the U.S.A. using raw materials that reduce the impact of logging practices.