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Naperville Spotlight: Repeat Clients with a Rustic Modern Vision

It's so cliche to say time flies - but, we're going to say it anyway - TIME FLIES!

It was just a little over a year ago that we were putting the finishing touches on this beautiful custom build in the heart of Naperville and now we're hoping the family that moved in is fully settled in and enjoying their first anniversary in their new home. 

20 S Forest-for web2-flattened2.jpg  ForestAve7.jpg

Most of the time when we build a home, it is our clients' forever home. Which is exciting for them, but it means that our time working with that family inevitably dials down (until they are ready to finish a basement, add additional custom details or complete an addition). In the case of this home, it was one of several times we got to go through the build process again (hurray!) with a client....which is pretty awesome once you know how great our clients are. This family had built a home in Naperville and, as they adjusted to a larger, growing family they realized their needs for their home had changed. So they sold their original Oakley home and set about building their second Oakley home in their much loved hometown of Naperville. We loved getting on board with their vision of a modern farmhouse complete with custom rustic touches of shiplap, farmhouse sinks juxtaposed against a chef-grade kitchen and a killer backyard entertaining space. 

Didn't catch the highlights of this home last year? Check it out below!

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We'd love to know what you think. What are some of your favorite features? Any design elements you're contemplating for your home? Pop a comment below.


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