The Oakley Difference

You've heard the horror stories with custom building. Everyone says you will exceed your budget by 20%, your timeline by 6 months and the project will overtake your life. 


Oakley Home Builders was borne from the belief that the existing custom home build and remodeling process was flawed. We believed that we could not only build a high quality home - but that we could deliver it on time and on budget, with a process that our clients actually enjoyed. Over 200 homes and remodels later, that's just what we're doing. Here's how:

About Us Icons-09Detailed information upfront: Through a few upfront discussions and meetings we extract a detailed vision of the project you want and help fill in any remaining blanks. It allows us to provide a detailed, well-informed build cost early on before you even sign a contract with us. This helps you budget appropriately for your project and make an appropriate investment decision for your home before you're too far down the path.

About Us Icons-08Find you a property: Sometimes clients come to us already owning a lot/property to build on. If you aren't there yet, no problem. We have identified great, buildable lots in many communities and can help match you up to one that is a fit for your budget and project goals.


About Us Icons-02Architecture As A Partnership: We partner and work closely with a select few architects, ensuring the architect building your home has a clear understanding of your budget and will design a home that precisely fits that. Taking the approvals for this floor-by-floor ensures you can digest choices and make decisions without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. We can even engage 3D rendering tools to help you visualize your new home. 

About Us Icons-05Simplified selections process: Our in-house designer comes to the rescue as your advisor, organizer and sounding board for exterior and interior design. We'll come armed with in-budget recommendations for each selection stage that reflects the style we've gleaned from you. We make sure the overall home design choices flow and that choices are made in a timely manner to keep construction moving.  

About Us Icons-10Sophisticated project management:  We take our timelines seriously and pride ourselves on finishing jobs on time. Our project management tool allows us to plan and track job progress. Then we line up our subcontractors to ensure there's always work happening at your build. This precision also allows you to plan for when to sell a current property, end a lease, book your movers and plan the housewarming party!

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