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Tackling Home Maintenance - The Oakley Way

You bought the lot.Maintaning your new home

You built the house.

You made that house a home. 




Building your dream home should be an exciting and fun journey. By the end of the process, you've made a ton of decisions and invested valuable time and money into making your home a wonderful one. Even after building nearly 150 homes, we still love to see how excited our clients are at their closing and want them to hang on to that feeling as long as possible. But, walking into a well-built, well-maintained home means you now have the responsibility of taking care of that house and keeping it in tip top shape. Ok, Ok, - we totally get it. This is not the most glamorous part of home ownership. But navigating how to best maintain your home and having a plan for upkeep will save you potential headaches and unecessary bills down the line. 

In an effort to support our clients well past their closing date, and ensure they feel armed with the information to upkeep their home as best as possible, we've created a helpful guide to home maintenance. This guide is intended to be a reference you can turn to seasonally to give yourself a quick gut-check on what tasks you can do to "tune up" your home. We hope this information helps you navigate some of the home-ownership waters! 

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Anything else you wish we would have included in the guide? Please be sure to let us know. Comment below so we can arm you with the most relevant and helpful information possible. 


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